About Us


At B.S.Powder Coaters , we resolutely trust, quality does not come on the way. It's a commitment that should be laid into hard work to attain the landmark. It is this credence that route the company's approach to quality assurance. The quality assurance methods such as advanced product quality plan, statistical process control techniques, process capability studies, preventive maintenance, etc., forms the basis of its quality management system

* High reliability and consistency in Process
* Prompt and efficient services to ensure Total Customer Satisfaction
* Total Employee Involvement
* Continuous Improvement in our Quality and processes

Vision & Mission


To provide effective solution through good quality products, Services & team work.


A company directed by it’s customers, driven by it’s employees, toward a common goal of providing exceptional products and service on daily basis.


Choose BS Metal Coating for unparalleled expertise, strict quality control, and customized solutions tailored to your needs. With advanced technology, timely delivery, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, we ensure superior results while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Experience reliability, quality, and excellence with BS Metal Coating today.

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